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*updated March 2019

Please note that a visa does NOT guarantee entry into Belize, it is at the immigration officers discretion to allow entry into the country.

All visitors must travel to Belize on a valid passport (non-expired). The passport must be valid for no less than six months after the intended period of stay in Belize

NEW As of February 2019 – Any person who is the holder of a valid CANADIAN MULTIPLE ENTRY visa or a CANADIAN Permanent Residency Card does NOT need a Visa to enter Belize, they are given a 30 day Tourist Visa upon entry. Please call the consulate for further information.

Cruise passengers – One day cruise ship passengers do not require a visa for Belize.

Work Visa – Visas for work, both paid and unpaid, are only issued in Belize before entry.

A.)  Requirements for Canadian Citizens to enter Belize

Canadian citizens do not need visas for tourists or business visits of up to thirty (30) days, but they must have onward or return air tickets within 30 days and proof of sufficient funds to maintain themselves while in Belize.

In order to stay longer than 30 days as a tourist (not for paid or unpaid work) an Extension of Stay application must be submitted while in Belize at any of the Immigration Offices. It is best to submit an application at least 2 – 3 days before the 30 days period expires. The fee is $50BZ for the first six months and $100BZ thereafter.

An individual can apply for permanent residence after having paid one (1) year of legal residence fees in Belize on a continuous basis.

B.) Requirements for Canadian Residents but who do not have a Canadian passport

*If you do not reside in Canada, you must go through the closest Belize Embassy/Consulate to your home residence

Do I Need a Visa?
Nationals of the following countries do NOT require a visa to enter Belize as a tourist for a period of up to 30 days:
Any person who is the holder of a valid CANADIAN MULTIPLE ENTRY visa or a CANADIAN Permanent Residency Card

Any person who is the holder of a valid United States of America MULTIPLE ENTRY visa or a Permanent Residency Card

– Citizens of the European Union Member States (EU) and their dependent territories.
– Citizens of the Caribbean Community Member States (CARICOM) with the exception of Haiti.
– Citizens of the United States of America and dependent territories.
– Citizens of Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, Iceland, Mexico, Norway, Switzerland, South Africa, Tunisia & Uruguay

– Citizens of the Commonwealth Realms & Monarchies, and their dependent territories.
– Citizens of Switzerland
– Citizens of the Commonwealth Republics with the exception of the following:
Bangladesh, Nauru, Cameroon, Pakistan, Chad, Sri Lanka, India, Mozambique, some East African Countries.

Nationals of all other countries REQUIRE a visa to enter Belize.

Download — Visa requirements for Belize


**All applicants MUST contact the consulate for a phone/in-person interview before submitting their applications.

Please read the following instructions for completing the visa application form and for submitting the application:

  • The application form below must be completed in its entirety and signed by the applicant.
  • A copy of your travel itinerary, including flight/transportation and place you are staying, must be included.
  • The application must include a passport size photograph, copy of bank statement, and letter of Employment.
  • The applicant’s passport must be submitted along with the application form.
  • The applicant must be a resident of Canada. A legible notarized photocopy of the applicant’s Passport must be submitted

DOWNLOAD >> Visa Application

Processing time for most applications is approximately 3-7 Business days

Processing of visas that require Belize Department of Immigration approval, takes up to 6-8 weeks, please allow ample time to make your travel plans.



Single Entry (Valid of 3 months from the date of issue)

$ 50.00USD + $25USD admin fee + $30 CND Shipping and Handling (Purolator)

Multiple entry (valid for one year from the date of issue)

$ 100.00USD + $25USD admin fee + $30 CND Shipping and Handling (Purolator)

An optional URGENT processing fee facility ($ 25.00USD) is available for those who qualify.

Kindly take note that the above charges do not apply to nationals of the following countries, who are requested to contact us directly for information on visa charges:

  • Bangladesh, India, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Pakistan, People’s Republic of China, Sri Lanka, Thailand

Payment  Method

Payment must be made in the form of an International Money Order, Bank Draft, or USD Cash. Money Orders must be made out to Mr. Bob Dhillon. FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. The Consulate cannot accept personal checks.

Disclaimer* The Honorary Consulate of Belize cannot guarantee processing times listed above and will not accept liability for any loss incurred as a result of delays in processing or delivery.